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Remember WENN
Remember WENN : (Series Premiere) Newly arrived from Elkhart, Indiana, Betty Roberts arrives at radio station WENN in Pittsburgh after winning a writing contest for an internship position. She quickly meets the sarcastic receptionist Gertrude Reece; Jeff Singer, the suave, smooth-talking, handsome actor; his diva wife, *Miss* Hilary Booth, who was famous on Broadway years before in such productions as ""The Rivals"" and ""Razzle Dazzle""; the man of a thousand voices, Mackie Bloom; stern but ingenious station manager Victor Comstock; the sweet but often befuddled Tom Eldridge; and the constantly inebriated writer, Mr. Gianetti. While Betty assumes she'll step into her internship position in a calm manner, bedlam ensues instead, as she quickly discovers she's going to have to think on her feet within hours of her coming through the door. Mr. Gianetti's drinking problem comes to the forefront as the cast on the air ad libs their show, have to invent a rushing river on the spot, and make 45 seconds of sil